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[20 Dec 2004|10:23am]
NEW JOURNAL : run_andhide

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[19 Dec 2004|08:50pm]
Did just about nothing today.
But I did get out of the house, so my day wasn't all bad.

Today. Woke up went to Target. Bought the purse I really want ((HINT HINT TO DIB AND KEL!)), but had to give it to the secret santa thing. Then I went to Huckleberry Square for the soccer party. I had a blast. I'm excited about Indoor Soccer in the Spring. You know what that means. New shoes. But also that means there is no end to soccer. I had some eggs and hashbrowns and that was super good.

Now I am just sitting here because theres nothing else I can do. I'll probably just go into my room and fall asleep watching tv. But I really want to do my nails, or get them done. Doing them myself is cheaper. But its better when I get them done. I need money.

Glad I updated.
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with a lack of self esteem, i walked into my teens. [18 Dec 2004|09:04pm]
Went over to Kel's dads house last night.
Had a frickin blast.
Took lots of photos, tried to spike Kel's hair and played some Operation.
Oh, and lets not forget, we spent a good amount of time on livejournal.
My Aunt woke us up in the morning.
Its crazy all this time Kels dad lived really close to my Aunt.
Sat around most of the afternoon, then went and saw Oceans 12.
Not as good as the first. If you kept up with all the sub plots you knew what was going on.
Then after that we came home.
Amanda thought that if we started singing This Providence that Kelly wouldn't want to listen to us and finally put the cd in. But that didn't work. HAHA.

I hate coming home. My mom treats me like I'm 5. I was putting up the lights on the tree and she would like grab the lights from me and wrapped them around the tree for me. ERRRR. Then I was putting on tassels on Amandas scarve and she was telling me how to do it and she was using hand motions so I screamed at her telling her I obviously knew how to do it because I did it on the 2 other scarves and she told me that I didn't need attitude like that.

But tomorrow is Sunday, and I have to run to Target before 10 and get a present for someone on the soccer team. Then at 10 is the Seahawks game. I'm frickin excited. They better win, or I'll frickin shoot them. Then its the Soccer Banquet.

I hope we get the tv ad. That would be sweet.
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[16 Dec 2004|09:10pm]
i just don't know anymore.
just got back from the talent show.
it was good, i really liked last years though.
but it's not for the reasons you might think.
one thing i thought was when rebecca was up, i thought about when we were friends and how it ended and how stuck up she is now. i dunno i just realized i don't know people so well anymore. like mallory.

ho hum. so yeah, because that being depressing and then depressing myself with my own sad love life, everything...wait no everything isn't great. shit my parents are hounding me everytime they can about how i need to get a job, and i agree i do need to get a job, but i swear my dads been drunk for the past 3 days because all he does is talk and talk and fucking harass me about getting a job, and today i was filling out an application and i asked him a question and he wouldn't stop talking so i told him to shut up and i screamed it and i couldn't control it. that shut him up. for an hour, till my mom got home and he just had to tell her how much of a bad kid i'm turning out to be. god i hate them so much. this is why i'm glad we invited ourselfs to kel tomorrow night.

thats all for now, since i have to make a cooler entry than amanda.
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[15 Dec 2004|09:09pm]

Whats up. It's bad. But what can you do. Maybe I'll try next time.
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[12 Dec 2004|04:10pm]
So I'm super sad about not having any more soccer.
We had the highest scoring game we ever had!
Heck yes. 3-4. we lost but it's hot.

I really quite enjoyed our last game, except the hoe-bag i was blocking.
I swear she was semi-retarted.
But hi, i dunno no one showed up, but don't worry, i didn't expect anyone to come.
Allie was there, that was wierd. Almost as wierd as the Chelsea thing.

Then I went to Starbucks with Amanada.
There were no seats, but we stood around for a second or two and got a seat.
I told amanda basically everything there is to know about my lame love life.
She cheers me up because she makes me so deperate sounding.
I got 2 phone calls from numbers I didn't know.
but neither were the ones I wanted.
I'm suppose to call Amanda at midnight if I don't get the call.

Things are screwed up right now because I don't know how to keep my feelings to myself.
I need to let shit go, and be happy.
Am I jealous or am I just super gay?
Probably both, because hello I'm just a big queerbag like that.
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[09 Dec 2004|05:16pm]
So my day was alright. I would tell you about my day, but nothing toooooo exciting happened.
After school I hung out with the only people I always hang out with. Amanda and Kel. We went to Amandas, wrapped some present, took some photos, talked about putting a picture of Kel, Dib and I on her fridge. I'll move some of the other pictures. Maybe even Kels relatives. HAHA. Damn we are "asian". Then we went to drop off Amandas secret santa present. Kel had another chance to run Sam over. But you may be asking if she did. NO! HAHAHA. To bad they were too distracted looking at each other. Then we went to the Subshop and I got a pickle, on a STICK. Which was really a fork. Damn Eric needs to stop listening to Kel and Dib. I think Kel gets embaressed or something around Eric because she never talks.
Hi I got my car back today. Arent you glad I'm talking about this. But now theres a red blinking light on the dashboard. Crud.

Read this article online. It had explainations, and for the majority its correct. I bolded the ones that are true about me.

10 Things Your Teen Won't Tell You

1. I think about sex -- a lot.
2. I want to be a star -- or at least be with a star!
3. I take your cash flow for granted.
4. I'm not religious, but I am spiritual.
5. My bedroom is the seat of my soul.
6. I worry about my looks all the time.
7. My friends are everything.
8. Love hurts.
9. The world is a scary place.
10. I love you, and I need you.
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[07 Dec 2004|10:05pm]
so i just came out to get a quesadilla and i ended up getting into a fight with kel.
so you guys get to read it because my day was just boring.

sarcastic speech: shut up
sarcastic speech: i am doing work
sarcastic speech: a different way
butyoureLAME: in a "hi i'm lazy kelly and i dont like to read because maybe i'm illitarate." kind of way
butyoureLAME: did i spell illitarate right?
sarcastic speech: you cant call me illiterate if you dont know how to spell it, sorry
butyoureLAME: i spelt one letter wrong, plus thats not being illiterate, that just means i can't spell anything bigger than 'cat'
butyoureLAME: except all those words i just typed
sarcastic speech: smelt
sarcastic speech: conversate
butyoureLAME: SHUT UP
sarcastic speech: HAHAHA
butyoureLAME: illiterate : an offensive term for people who are not able to read and write
butyoureLAME: thats speech
butyoureLAME: and spelling
butyoureLAME: so YEAH for me
sarcastic speech: you were being offensive
butyoureLAME: i'm not illiterate
sarcastic speech: neither am i
butyoureLAME: why are we arguing?
sarcastic speech: because you called me illiterate
butyoureLAME: shut up
butyoureLAME: i know
butyoureLAME: because you won't read
sarcastic speech: but i can read
sarcastic speech: theres a difference
butyoureLAME: your stressing me out
sarcastic speech: i could waste my time reading a book or waste my time reading something that'll take like 2 minutes
sarcastic speech: TOUGH DECISION
butyoureLAME: stop yelling kel
butyoureLAME: breath
butyoureLAME: is that right?
sarcastic speech: no
sarcastic speech: haha you super suck
sarcastic speech: just kidding
sarcastic speech: you're great
butyoureLAME: i know
sarcastic speech: b r e a t h E
butyoureLAME: whats up
butyoureLAME: DAMN
sarcastic speech: i'm a hella good speller
butyoureLAME: i super suck at it
sarcastic speech: yeah
sarcastic speech: but thats okay
sarcastic speech: because you read books
butyoureLAME: exactly
sarcastic speech: it balances out
butyoureLAME: thats why we are such great friends
sarcastic speech: i can spell, you can read
butyoureLAME: what can amanda do?
sarcastic speech: she can
sarcastic speech: talk
sarcastic speech: or she can write
sarcastic speech: read spell and write
butyoureLAME: yeah writing is better, she seems to have a probably talking
sarcastic speech: a problem
sarcastic speech: you lose at that
butyoureLAME: DAMN
sarcastic speech: haha
butyoureLAME: this is why i read

that wasn't the end of the conversation, but thats when the yelling and fighting stopped.

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[04 Dec 2004|11:15am]
i never know how to start an entry out.

so lets recap the last half of the week.

wednesday i bought my car. then went to the Habitat for Humanity thing.
thursday was the worst day i've had in a long long time. & found out my car won't stay running.
friday hung out with kel and dib for awhile. dib went home then kel and i hung out because obviously thats how we do. went to kaylin and pats swim meet. that kyle kid was awesome. i would like to stare at him more often. creepy? yes.

today i just took it up to do emissions. it was running fine and great and dandy then the lady took out the gas cap. shit face. it stopped working so great. so it didn't pass. so it's up to the auto shop on monday. i probably won't have it till wednesday or hopefully tuesday.
the theory is that the car has only had a small amount of gas in it for a while and so now since its running alot its moving all that old gas and crud around and the crud has clogged one of the fuel injectors and so the engine isn't getting all the gas it needs and it's stalling.

make any sense to you car kids out there?
well we went up to auto part store and got cleaner. i need to drive it around so then the cleaner can clean out the clog.

The Car.Collapse )
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[29 Nov 2004|06:08pm]
SOOOO today was an alright day. Its getting super cold and i hate it.

First: Found out I didn't do the final draft of the Leader paper. Then we did posters, but they are HELLLA ugly.
Second: HAHAHA, that class is just funny.
Lunch: Went with the EMO crew to J&B. We didn't eat in the car today. We need to eat in the car more often.
Third: I basically only talk in that class, but I finished my slab box. Go me.
Fourth: I was all like 'hey, sub YOURE dumb'. The end.

After school Dib Kel and I went to the sub shop, on the way we got caught stalking people. HAHA. Damn we are funny. Then we dropped off Dib and we cruised over to Amandas, and met her grandma and pappi. HAHA. Her brother was hitting on me. He didn't need my calculator, he wanted me to do the shoulder check on him.
Make me not creepy.

~So when you said we were at the highest peak...are you sure we're not going down? This is what I am thinking. And I hate it. call me...
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[28 Nov 2004|11:02am]
So everyone just left, and I am here sitting on the computer chair and i want to go back to bed.

SOOOO this is how the day went down.
First I FINALLY cleaned my room. Yippee.
The Room.Collapse )
Then I took a shower and cool Dib showed up and then Kel arrived then Amanda F, Kaylin and Kaylins cousin Claire showed up. We played a little Operation (on Sam HAHA), then we started watching the Excorsist. So then we got interupted so we decided it was temporary tattoo time then it was nail salon time and finally video game time. We played some Pokeman Snap, Jeopardy (which we hella rocked at) and then decided we all wanted pizza, but then Kaylin and Claire left so we cooked the pizza and Amanda did some wierd thing with her nostrils and we ate.
Then it was time to just watch the creepy parts with the girl in it, so we fast fowarded it to all those parts and that devil is one horney guy. Let me tell you what. Then I dunno both Amandas found the Planets Funniest Animals so fricking hilarious, but I fell asleep in the middle of them laughing so it's all good.
Pictures.Collapse )
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[25 Nov 2004|09:40pm]

This is what I am thankful for.
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[23 Nov 2004|08:54pm]
hi one more day of school.
heck yes.

so hi again today was alright, first was eh, second is a blast - amber is entertaining because she laughs at anything, third was good - i finished my unicornasaurus and named him virgil, fourth was stupid - because again i didn't listen.

after school kel and i raced amanda f to dibs house and we beat her by like 10 minutes. then amanda, dib kel and i watched elf. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA < that would be amanda being retarted. even though some parts were funny.

then when i came home i was all happy and then amanda away message was sad looking then it said call me so i whipped out my phone and i was like AMANDA DUDE WHATS UP? and then we had like an hour conversation of her and i being best friends and how we are super super close, and that phone call showed me that we were super close to a point that i didn't realize and it was super touching and my eyes were super watery.

i love you amanda. even if you make decisions that i don't want you to make i'm totally behind you 150%.

so tomorrow we are playing cranium. are you jealous? it's going to be even teams because aaron is coming. but still amanda is going to whip out her knowledge of new york and beat them all. see whip out is a metaphor because you can not whip out knowledge, unless it's on a peice of paper. but still, no. tomorrow i'm wearing my jeans that make my butt look hot, so i can shake my butt in front of him and he will drool and we will go into his bedroom and do it.

why am i wierd?

makemesmile1345: can i come get it on in there...with kel?
butyoureLAME: you want to get it on with kel?
makemesmile1345: .... duh
makemesmile1345: do you think i hit on her for fun?
makemesmile1345: GOSH

speaking of my car. HA amanda you silly duck. so we named it today. we meaning amanda fry and kel. it's _________ henrietta jetta. the blank is for some pokeman name. whats up now. so i think the guy i'm buying it from is stupid because i drove past it on my way home and it still had it's for sale sign on the window. i wanted to rip it off because i'm in love with the car. WHATS UP NOW BITCHES.

it has a moon roof.
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[20 Nov 2004|06:09pm]
So yeah, it's Saturday night now.
Weekends don't have a great significance to me anymore.

So far this weekend has been great.
Friday hung out with Dib Kel and Ry-Ry (RJ).
We went to Starbucks like usual, Dib's hot brother was there.
I decided to work at the library.
10 bucks an hour is okay with me for just shelving books.
My parents are surprised I would even think about working at the library,
until I told them it was $10 bucks and hour.

I came home after that and sat around.
Then my dad got smashed and was just all around a jerk.
He grounded me forever.
Well till Monday.

Today I woke up at 1045ish and went and got my hair cut.
It's sexy, don't fret.
Then I decided to go to Urban Outfitters because Michelle bought Mallory a skirt for $3 bucks there.
Met up with Annie in the junction and then went down there.
Annie is fun to hang out with because shes so funny.
We decided to take Santa photos this year.
Gives me an excuse to wear my christmas sweater.
At Urban Outfitters I got a new shirt, it's long sleeve and white.
Then I came home and then my parents and I went down to Southcenter.
We went to JcPennys and they got pants and I got a new black sweater.
It's off the shoulders so I dislike it, but I can wear my new sweater from AE under it and look just so damn sexy.
Oh yeah, then we went to American Eagle and I got new trousers and a sweater.

So tomorrow I'm off to Aubrun for a game.
I hate driving out to a place where I know we will lose.

So lately I feel as if everyone is against me.
I say something and everyone needs to tell me how wrong I am.
It makes me feel as if I'm only around for people to step on, like nobody actually respects me.

Well this ends my grand entry.
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[15 Nov 2004|02:57pm]
one one thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand five.Collapse )

Now I have to go babysit, so I might edit this later.
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[13 Nov 2004|09:19am]
So besides last night being terribly embarressing, it was quite fun. I hate this now, because you know how i get when i am embarressed, i don't want to be around that person because i know they have...blackmail over me. i dunno, so thats what how i feel about the big B. who is a loser. i just don't know. i felt stupid because i was the only after kaylin feel asleep. i just don't know.

why is it that i only capitalized the first sentence?

pictures up later.
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[12 Nov 2004|04:23pm]

Dear LiveJournal users,
Hello. How are you today? Me? I am really good. Like, REALLY. FOR sure. I really think that Kelly is really awesome. Like, she really is. I can't take it. Thats how awesome she is. Amanda is sort of awesome, but obviously not as awesome as Kelly. Because Kelly is God. Heck YESSSSS.


How is your Friday afternoon going?
That is FABULOUS!!

I don't have much more to say. So. Here I go. Good-bye!

Anna L. Shea


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[09 Nov 2004|04:37pm]
Selena gave me a pom-pom today. It made me feel outstanding.

I have to write my leader speech tonight, I super suck and it was due friday, but then I was lame and forgot. My partner must hate me because I am so lame. Theres something going down at the police precinct tonight. I think I'm going to that with Kelsie. But I don't know if I want to get up and do that. HO HUM.
If anybody remembers in second when we had the "pop quiz" only two people got the first question right, well Amber and I were the two. But you see, I didn't read last night, so there could be no way I got that right. SHIT SON.
In fourth we got our mid-terms back, I got a D. Go me. But overall I have a 78%. I'm hoping I can raise that if I talk to him tomorrow. A B would be great.

Then after school Kelly and I went back down to Target. I saw Christina and Victoria there, and Amanda A. I hope I get the job, just so I have something to do after school and make some money and get a car and pay for gas and insurance.

Behind the Music: Spice Girls is on VH1! HOLlAR.
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[08 Nov 2004|06:42pm]

Shit, I love them. I've been sitting here for 45 minutes just listening to them. Kelly is right, they are awesome.

On another note, I am excited for this Thursday, being the day off and the play. I really wanted to go see the Spill Canvas show and Kelly and Ryan were even going to come, but I told Sarah I was going to the play. (And it's cheaper). But then after school Kelly, Amanda and I went downtown and I went to the Bon and filled out an application. Then we came back to West Seattle, and Kelly and I went to Target, and the application took an hour and a half and was being all crap like. So Kelly and I are going back down tomorrow. SHIT SON.

I wonder if people read my lips whenever I am in the car yelling at them?
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[07 Nov 2004|05:59pm]
So you guys were telling me you wanted to know alla bout my day huh?
well it's a good thing i am here telling you about it.
It's just been a lazy sunday. got up went to soccer, lost (6-1) went to lunch with amanda. she is a funny kid. we sat in mcdonalds and told me all about the incredibles. now i want to watch the movie. then i came home and have been sitting around doing nothing.

so at the game, during the pre game warm ups i was playing goalie and i went to kick a ball out and twisted my knee. it hurt alot but i didn't want to complain because i've complained about my knee for a month and a half now, and i'm sick of it. so now i'm loaded on ibprofin, which is the best.
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